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Our services

Storage of vehicles

Our company guarantees the secure storage of the vehicles according to the strict international and domestic quality management policies.

Our highly qualified personell checks every incoming vehicle for presence of all accessories as well as for defects such as dents, scratches and other flaws. After every vehicle is being inspected, each vehicle receives a certificate of inspection and all handover documents are being issued.

The terminal is being monitored on a constant basis by a skilled and highly qualified security staff, video surveillance and a complex intrusion detection system along the fence perimeter. Parking slots are being marked on the pavement, the general lighting is always on during the dark hours of the day, this is why our personell can send and receive shipments 24/7. Currently the maximal capacity of the terminal is 6.000 passenger vehicles or the equivalent.

Transportation of vehicles by rail to the regions of Russia and the CIS-countries

As of today, transportation by rail is one of the most convenient and cost-effective forms of transportation available on the market. Especially in a country like Russia, where distances are huge, car-carrier trucks are viable means of transportation only on a short- and medium distance.

Our company offers a wide range of rail services making vehicle transportation from point A to B easy, simple and fast. Don't worry about your shipments - weorganize the wagon traffic, loading and unloading and securing of shipments. To check out our web of transportation routes click here!

The rail wagon fleet is being provided by the Apparel Group of companies.
(currently over 2.000 wagons)

Transportation of vehicles by car-carriers

We posess over 19 SCANIA trucks with ROLFO BLIZZARD semi-trailers allowing us to deliver shipments on time in the 2.000 km radius of Moscow.

All trucks are equipped with GPS-tracking and communication systems giving us constant insight on the current location of every single shipment. A specialized IT system provides our clients with information about the actual status of their shipments. Automatic synchronization of data with the clients' databases is also possible through our IT system's dedicated data uplink.