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Akulovo car terminal

Gross territory: 14,6 Hectares (36,1 acres)

     Pavement: 6,6 Hectares (16,3 acres) – concrete + asphalt;
     8 Hectares (19,77 acres) – road-building gravel;

  • The complete territory is under constant surveillance by security guards. The whole perimeter is equipped with barbed-wire, contact fence, two-layer intrusion detection, state-of-the-art remote alarm system and video surveillance allowing full control of the facility 24/7 (camera equipment includes over 60 cameras with day and night vision, robotic high grade zooming cameras, video recording and back-up systems). All gates are equipped with electronically controlled points-of-entry for personell and vehicles.
  • General lighting from dusk till dawn;
  • 24/7 operation
  • Daily maximal turnover is 500 vehicles per day (in-out);
  • The terminal is located 50 kms (30 miles) from the Moscow Circular Highway, in close proximity to the Kiev- and the Minsk-highways. We also have direct rail access to the Russian Railway System through Akulovo train station.

Two rail ramps allow us to simultaniously load and uload two full-block trains. The parking space for car-carrier trucks allows us to load and unload 10 trucks simultaniously. Train and truck loading is done separately and can be achived simultaniously as well. Both train ramps are double-deck, so double-deck trains can be loaded and unloaded at the same time without interference. The main ramp has varible hight settings, so even busses, trucks and special transport vehicles can be loaded on standard wagons.

Map of the terminal:

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